Installing and Using the Cluekeeper App for Clue B or Not Clue B


1. Download the ClueKeeper app

In order to play Clue B or Not Clue B you will need to download an app called ClueKeeper onto your phone. The app is available from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. It’s been developed and is run by some very nice people in the US.

As long as you do this before the hunt start this is fine, but if you can download it a day or so before your hunt starts, even better

You can sign up via Google, Facebook or Apple. If you do not have one of these accounts, you can sign in as a guest or simply create a Google account in order to download the app. Please note if you sign up as a guest, once you have downloaded the Clue B hunt, you won't be able to change devices. 

Allow notifications from ClueKeeper (otherwise you won’t get the clues!) You can always correct this later by changing the app permissions on your phone settings. 


Now, ask all your team members to download ClueKeeper onto their phones so you can add them as team members when it’s time to play. 

You will receive an email from ClueKeeper after downloading the app, but you can ignore this, it's not necessary for the game.

2. Enter the hunt code


Closer to the time of your hunt, we will send you a specific HUNT CODE which will allow you to download the clues to Clue B or Not Clue B

Enter the HUNT CODE on the app

Allow Cluekeeper to use your location (the game uses GPS so it won’t work without this feature). Again you can change this later if you need to. 


3. Set up your team

Now you need to set a Team Name

Click on the menu icon in the top right of the screen

Click Set Team Name

4. Add team members

Click on the menu icon again


Click Add Team Member

You will be prompted to add an email address or username for your team member. You will need to add the email address that they signed up to ClueKeeper with or ask them for the Username that they chose. Doing this will automatically download the Clue B or Not Clue B hunt to their phone.


Repeat this for every team member that you want to be able to see and solve clues on their phone during the hunt. (It is possible to play the game with only one phone between a team, but it definitely helps to have more than one phone with the app installed and it’s probably more fun if everyone can follow on their own device). 

Note: only the person who entered the Hunt Code can add team members.  

5. Play the game

You can now join the hunt. Clicking on Clue B or Not Clue B will show you the introduction screen where you can read about your mission and where and how to start it. When you are ready enter the Start Code. Note the hunt will only begin when you are at the start location.