Frequently Asked Questions

What is this thing you call Clue B or Not Clue B?

Well it's a little like an escape room (a team of players collaborate to solve puzzles whilst immersed in a narrative), but it mainly takes place outside. It's like a treasure hunt but with genuine puzzles and lots of groovy props and locks you need to break. It's an adventure, a mystery, a walk around picturesque Stratford, a detective challenge and a heap of fun. It takes around 2-2.5 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. You must complete your game within 3 hours. 

How does the game work?

The game uses a phone app. Once you've chosen your time and date, you'll be sent information on how to download our app to your phone. From there, you'll be given instructions on how to set your team up and where to head on the day. During the game, you'll receive clues and directions to their locations on the app, and when you've solved the puzzles, you submit your answers on the app. It's not only app-based though. You'll be discovering Stratford, interacting with people and the environment, and using exciting props. When you've finished you'll get your score and your place on our leader board.

What do I need to bring?

  • At least one fully charged phone (complete with data) for each team. We would strongly recommend a minimum of two phones so that players can more easily follow the progress of the game and submit answers.

  • We strongly recommend a portable charger and / or a back up phone in case your network quality or battery deteriorates.

  • Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes, as most of your game will take place outdoors. 

  • You may find the Notes app on your phone useful or go old school and bring a pen and paper 

  • Your wits!

Do I need to download an app to play your game?

Yes. Our app is compatible with iPhone (iOS 12.0 or newer) or Android (Android 7.0 'Nougat' or newer) devices. You will need to download this prior to starting the game. You will be sent details of how to do this (it's easy) when you book. You will be given a code to start the game before the day of your game. You can play the game with one device or every team member can download the app (we recommend that two players download the app onto their phones).

Will there be anyone to meet us at the start?

You will encounter various characters on your mission but we will not meet you at the start of your game. Simply arrive at the secret start location (provided in your confirmation email) and tap START on the app to begin your game. Then simply follow the instructions on the app to solve the mystery.

Is the game Covid safe?

We are launching this game as the UK emerges from months of lockdown. With some luck and a lot of vaccinations, the worst is behind us. Our game does involve entering shops, cafes and tourist attractions and interacting with people. We advise you to follow all the recommended guidance on social distancing and masks etc, at the time of playing and comply with the specific rules of any locations you visit on your adventure. We could create a game with no interaction and taking place entirely outdoors but we don't think that would be as much fun. 

Is the game suitable for children?

There is no scary or graphic content but under 12s are likely to need your encouragement and help with some of the puzzles and the game lasts two hours plus - please bear this in mind with younger children. Children (under 16s) must be accompanied by at least one adult (18+). Under 12s play for free.

How difficult is it?

If you’ve ever played an escape room, think of that level of difficulty. If you haven't, don't worry, no prior knowledge is required - this is not a quiz, but we will test your powers of observation, logic and deduction. Hints are available, so even if you get stuck, you can always move on. We've tried to mix it up and spent lots of time trialling the puzzles, so there's something for everyone from the escape room enthusiasts to the 'what's an escape room?' newbies. 

What if we get stuck?

Don't panic. First of all you are probably underestimating your ability here. And even if you do find yourself struggling with a particular clue, you can access hints. If that doesn't help you, then you can always skip a clue and continue with the rest of the hunt.

What if we are late arriving?

If you are going to be late, we'd appreciate you letting us know. This is a live game and we schedule games throughout the day. At busy times we may need to adjust your start time. Call or mail us (Click Contact from the main menu above) and let us know what time we can expect you. If necessary we will advise you of any rescheduled start time. 

Can I reschedule or cancel my booking if I can't make it?

Yes, games can be cancelled or rescheduled at no cost up to 24 hours before the start time. We cannot unfortunately refund or reschedule games cancelled within 24 hours of the start time, except in exceptional circumstances. We always want happy customers, so contact us if we need to speak. You can read our Ts & Cs here: 

Is the route accessible by wheelchair? What about pushchairs? Can I bring my dog with me? 

One location on the route requires a short foray across a cobbled courtyard to solve a clue. This is a very small part of the game and access to this location is not required to progress to other locations. Most of the game takes place outside and so dogs are welcome. Two of the three indoor locations where clues are located are dog-friendly. One further location requires a brief trip into a foyer - we can't imagine a problem with your dog here, but one of you can always stay outside with your furry friend and still contribute to solving the clue. We've had many teams play with dogs and pushchairs and none have reported problems.    

Can I book for more than one team?

Of course. Our games are staggered to start every 30 minutes or so. Two teams of up to 5 players each, can participate by booking adjacent slots. If you wish to book for more than 10 people, please contact us to arrange this and we will do our best to accommodate you. For corporate booking enquiries, click our Teambuilding link in the menu above.

Where does the game start and finish?

Now that would be telling. Needless to say the game begins and ends in central Stratford-upon-Avon (it's not a large place). You will be sent exact details before your game begins. I know, it's exciting already, isn't it?

Does the game involve going into a pub?

Thirsty already? Never fear, Stratford is full of great pubs. Look, we don't want to give any of our fantastic clue locations away but just to say that all the locations we use have been carefully chosen and are family-friendly and welcoming. 

Will we be playing with other people?

Your team will be playing alone. We stagger our bookings across the day. Depending how fast or slow you are, and how busy we are, you may encounter another team at some point, somewhere, but the game has been designed so that this shouldn't ever cause a problem.

Do we need to speak English well to play?

Yes. All our clues are in English and we have probably assumed an understanding of idioms and the like. If you understood this answer, you're probably fine.

How much walking is involved?

Between 3km and 4km, that's around 40-45 minutes of Tudor buildings, riverside views and buzzing streets. Or to put it another way that's 4,000-5,000 of your daily 10,000 steps or 2 miles if you prefer. If this still sounds daunting perhaps you'd be better off extending your Netflix subscription.

Do we need to run? I'm not sure how I feel about running.

No running is necessary. I mean, don't let us stop you if you enjoy running but your mind and your eyes will likely be greater assets than your legs.

Can I leave my belongings with you whilst we play the game?

Sorry, we don't have the facilities for this, so just bring what you would usually take with you on a day out and be prepared to carry it with you.

What if it rains?

Look we're good but not that good. The British weather is infamously unpredictable and we all have to work around it. We suggest if the heaven's open up briefly, either use the brolly that you cleverly packed for events just like this or find a cosy pub or coffee shop and chill out until calm is restored. Or plough on through regardless of course, you tough cookies. If the forecast is genuinely apocalyptic, remember you can reschedule or cancel your game free of charge up to 24 hours before the start time.  

Is it all about Shakespeare? I've kind of had enough of Shakespeare

Not at all. Our puzzles and locations are extremely varied. Let's be honest, the bard will crop up from time to time, it's impossible to avoid in Stratford and you know, he did write some great plays. If you like all things Shakespeare you'll enjoy our references. If you are wondering who this Shakespeare chap is, don't worry, no English Literature GCSE required.

Is this just a simple treasure hunt or just another historic tour of Stratford?

No! Far from it. We have really tried to create something that is original, fun, challenging, interactive, immersive, surprising and delightful. Although you will of course get to discover some of Strafford's wonderful sights and there is treasure!

What if I have some kind of problem during the game?

We're not really envisaging this. Then again, we didn't see a global pandemic coming either. If you need to speak to us during your game, please email or call us. We have partnered with various people and businesses in Stratford for this game, however please note that anyone you may encounter during your experience is not able to discuss bookings, payments or the details of the game with you; they are simply there to enhance the game

I still have a thousand questions that aren't answered here, what can I do?

Maybe you are overthinking things. But maybe not, so call us or drop us a message from our contact page and we'll get back to you ASAP.