IMPORTANT Please read 

We've tried to keep these short and sweet and entirely clear, so you've really no excuse not to read them.


By agreeing to these terms you agree that 10 Seconds to Go Ltd (the company that operate Clue B or Not Clue B), or anyone associated with us, will not be liable to you or any other participant for any damages you incur directly or indirectly that arise during the game. You agree to communicate this liability to all persons that you invite to participate in the game.


The event takes place outside, or in some parts in premises we do not own. 10 Seconds To Go cannot control anything which happens in these places so please use good judgement, pay attention, take care and stay within the law when playing our games. In particular, please do not cross roads whilst simultaneously looking at our app on your phone. It's a game, it's not worth risking an injury for. And really, at your age, you should know this by now.

Cancellations and rescheduling

You can cancel or reschedule your game free of charge up to 24 hours before the game start time. We will refund 50% of the cost of your booking if you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of the game start time. We do charge for these last-minute cancellations because, much like a theatre, we have limited capacity (time slots) and last minute cancellations can be hard to fill. If exceptional circumstances mean you have to cancel or reschedule at short notice, please contact us. If life takes a wrong turn for you we don't want to add to your woes. 

We reserve the right to cancel your game without notice. We can't imagine this happening very often and we'd only ever do it if there was no alternative. 


Oh, and finally if you steal our stuff or break it and don't inform us, we will have no choice but to pursue the matter further.